Interior design & decoration


At Portobello Home we specialise in a wide range of homewares, flooring solutions, soft furnishings and furniture. Together our collection works harmoniously or separately each component on its own can be a part of another beautiful story in a home with its own personal style, era or architecture. Often a second eye and industry knowledge can be the service you require to create harmony in your home, whether updating, starting again or adding to your own collection.


Our interior design and decoration service is in place to assist you in bringing the pieces, style or cohesiveness you desire, using our extensive product knowledge and 12 years of decoration and design experience.


With an extensive Portobello Home range and a book of unique craftsman and manufacturers, we collaborate with, the scope of how we can help you is really available to any size, style or needs of your home.


An initial service fee is $200.00 which starts with a meeting at your home to discuss your needs and ideas. Once we have created a plan together we can move forward with a carefully edited list of Portobello Home pieces and any custom items that may be required. The fee is redeemable on purchases reaching $2000.00. There is no obligation to purchase our items, our initial meeting at your home may be the right guidance required to instill the confidence in your own ideas, with a bit of helpful direction.


Further time and consultations priced on project requirements.


Property Styling


At Portobello Home we endeavour to be sympathetic to the era and style of the home. From experience we’ve seen that the potential buyer can be swept up in the romance and personality of the overall feeling of their perspective purchase. We are passionate about retaining or refreshing the soul of the client's home, through a diverse mix of furnishings and styles, while remaining timeless and showcasing the full potential of the property. 

Unique homes and their individual point of interest don't always fit a standard style formula, our vision is to create tailored and cohesive styling that speak out for the home, and to it's potential buyer.


With our extensive range of resources and products, combined with years of industry experience, Portobello Home can offer a unique point of difference to styling a home.


As seen in our collection of furniture, homewares and soft furnishings, we value a classic and timeless style that is harmoniously liveable, functional and beautiful. Our carefully selected range is chosen for its ability to fit seamlessly and without fuss into the family home.


Tactile, warm, engaging and unique, we have products in proportions and finishes to suit a number of different architectural styles, rooms and home sizes, from small apartments to large family homes. We create personal, authentic spaces that people want to be in and are inspired by.


We specialise in flooring, furniture and homewares and have a number of clever craftsmen who we collaborate with for one-off and bespoke details for that extra point of difference.


Our collection is versatile and able to furnish all rooms of the home, from single living areas to all rooms inclusive.


Property styling is priced on application