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Black, Brown, Tan. You choose.

Obvious photographic proof aside, When it comes to leather three colours prove to be timeless, warm and a strong foundation to build a room from. Their robust and polished finish compliment a number of decorating materials and finishes. Luxe with precious metals, rustic with Belgian linen or masculine with a monochrome palette. Leather upholstery is a family friendly favourite due to its durability, ability to develop patina and natural resistance to taking to stains, especially the darker pigmented varieties. Aniline leather is softer, more likely to soften over time but a beautiful solution for a room with a natural toned palette. Our leather collection compromises of three sofa styles, three chair styles and an ottoman. Most styles come in black, brown or tan and offer different variables to suit a number of different rooms, styles and use. Enjoy a host of gorgeous images to inspire you as well as an introduction to our range for those of you who can not come into our showroom.

 The chair above is our Edward button back, One of our most popular and a good alternative to other Chesterfield style chairs that are over sized and bulky. Petite Edward makes a great bedroom chair, Or a lovely compliment when paired with our sofas. Available in black and Tan leather.

 Our chesterfields were the first item we started with, Available in a three or four seat, Black, Brown or Tan leather. Both gorgeous in their own way, Two sizes means that any size living room can have one!Durable leather and classic in style, The chesterfield is an ageless investment that can suit a host of different decoration and design styles.

 Our William wingback, below, is another classic arm chair style. Popular for decades, this wingback adds an eclectic touch to a living room ensemble or has even been used at a desk or dining chair. Available in Black, Brown or tan. 

Our St Louis chair, below, Is unique to our range. No buttoning, Or studs, This cosy little armchair is the perfect lounge chair with its deeper seat and cushioned back. Available only in tan, One of our best sellers. 

The harry 2 seater is a fun new sofa in the range, Small enough to be in a bedroom, entry way or even as a banquette style seat in a breakfast nook. Classic style, while still being the ultimate apartment sofa. Available in brown or tan. We hope to have more stock in coming months.

 Our buttoned ottoman can pair back with any of our sofas or armchairs, Available in all three colours too. A functional choice as it can double as seating or a foot rest, while also making a smart coffee table wen stacked with trays and books.

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