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Blue & White, its all right.

Starting something new, we start at the ground up. Mostly, Particularly in a renovation! But another way to decorate with blue and white, for a punchy impact is to keep your big jars at ground level. Under consoles to fill negative space, Either side to add symmetry and volume, or at the door in your entry for a welcome hit of colour and beauty. Drum stools add aditional seating or table tops, while the taller grand drums have a sculptural impact, or additional if you remove the lid you have pretty fabulous and functional umbrella stand. Albert Pinto, Tory Burch, Domino magazine and House and garden magazine have given us these examples to seek inspiration from. Or follow our Pinterest page for more Insporation, its only growing but we love Pinterest to file away our references. 

Our other advice for starting your collection is to start with a statement piece and work from there, A medium or large piece is a good start. It gives you the freedom to then go down a size with additions or use another vessel to house big foliage to add more height, interest and texture. As the image below demonstrates, theres no hard and fast method. This collection is all individual, however the beauty is found in the balance and layers of different heights, tones and patterns. 

Above, William McLure's bedside collection is a lesson in layering with rich tones and texture. 

If a small accent is proffered, a small vessel with a collection of other colours, materials and size items is the perfect styling option. Our small pots all make the perfect home for a posy of garden blooms. 

Symmetry is always a classic decorating approach, But remember you can throw in an odd number and still feel balance. But if matching is your thing, but symmetry perhaps not? The grouping below keeps to the one motif style but uses three different shapes and vessels to keep the look together. Oriental scene homed together, floral motifs or geometric shapes. Mix them up or let the theme lead the way. I think the important lesson in all of these examples is that the real magic is in the entire collection of the home. Everything looks beautiful when you have a room full of your favourite things, textures, colours, materials, shapes and sizes. So long as there is some balance, harmony and a bit of pulling together for control. 

 Also, For daily updates, inspirations and a glimpse of our stores, don't to follow our Instagram account. A little glimpse of our feed here, Blue and White heaven we've been told...

And please feel free to call or email us for any questions, advice or details on any of our products.

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