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Cosy day decorating ideas.

 Winter feels officially set in today in Melbourne, limited sunshine, showers and clouds. This is the ideal weather to find ourselves cosy in the living room, With a stack of books, magazines and cups of tea. Our Richmond showroom currently has a number of beautiful coffee table books, accessories and ceramics perfect for you coffee table scape.

A couple of inspirational coffee table books, a beautiful brass object, a posy of flowers, recent magazines, boxes stacked on books and perhaps a tray, is the perfect formula to create a beautiful and practical table scape for cosy days in from the weather. Books are bang for buck when you think about it, Adding colour and interest while also being a source of valuable decorating ideas! Click the images at the bottom to shop my coffee table favourite items, Free shipping is still available. 

 Portobello Home Richmond has a wonderful collection of brass objects, coffee table books and hurricanes.

 Above image via Tumblr.

 Image above via Timothy Whealon, Below is the gorgeous home of William McLure.

  Above, Our navy floral jar is the perfect ginger jar for coffee table decorating. A smaller piece in our collection, It is also the perfect vase when you take off the lid.

 Our glass sphere, with marble base and bronze stand is quite the striking object to hold down the Sunday papers or booked your favourite novel collection on the shelf.

 Pile up some books and a hand carved timber box, Or a happy pot for some height to your table. Layer with flowers in vases and pieces of coral for added texture and dimension. We have some gorgeous coral pieces in store.

 As demonstrated above our brass crabs are the ultimate conversation starter and an object that will be forever curios and interesting. 

 A brass scallop dish, or decorative jewel box are perfectly feminine and romantic pieces for added whimsy to your table scape. Both also very handy for collections of small items or stashing keys.

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