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For the blog roll.

Being in an industry that is all about decoration, furniture, creativity and marvellously looking homes and objects, I still find that I can get in a bit of a safety bubble to where I go daily for inspiration. I am a huge consumer of online content, magazines, books, Pinterest and Instagram. But nothing makes me happier than being awake early, coffee in hand and a fresh blog or Instagram account to follow. I get so much insight into a brand by their blog and Instagram content. Simple pleasure, is the thrill of a new discovery and trawling years of archives. So in the name of sharing, I thought I'd give you a little hit list that we frequent. Possibly new, Maybe a past friend that you need to be reacquainted with. We are always happy to hear about any new finds or new comers.Featured today are those overseas, who we have to follow from afar, but thanks to different time zones, there activity levels are always interesting at that 7:30am Instagram scroll. Next week we will post our local Australian creatives we follow.

One blog we've followed for years in Quintessence lifestyle blog, I've also recently discovered their you tube channel on my Smart TV, Home tours of all the fabulous homes you see in books and in the media.

This video is a favourite, Featuring a favourite creative of ours, Sarah Ruffin Costello the founding creative director of Domino Mag.

Image below of Sarah Ruffin Costello in her New Orleans home. Image via her website.

For classic American, masculine and casual rolled into some seriously beautiful spaces, we always go to Mark. Mark D.Sikesis a great talent, our daily read and instagram Instagram favourite. We even sell his book. His taste is superb, His elevated, fresh and contemporary design work is truly inspiring. He covers all things chic and marvellous. His ability to decorate with blue and white is simply unbeatable. Below are a couple of images of his Hollywood home from his website, Pre renovation I believe.

 Marks book in our store, We have a couple left. But we hope that this is a constant on our coffee table.

Aside from her apartment, That is a forever reference for myself when decorating my small apartment. Heather hosts a number of interesting features on her website Habitually chic. Her life style edits, personal trips, home and product posts are always engaging and honest. She also has a gorgeous book and Instagram feed too. Chic, timeless and up to date with anything happening in New York, I always enjoy a hit of her site. Heather has such an eye for the beautiful and the whimsical. I adore all that she shows on her Instagram.

And of course theres the instagrammers that we follow. So many of them, all inspiring and talented. One absolute no brainer is William McLure, watching his move into a warehouse space has been awfully inspiring. Truly personal and exceptionally edited. HIs Art is also a whole other reason to be obsessed. His website is beautiful too.

India Hicksis a huge influence, hilarious, clever, creative and genuine. Her posts of her Island and business life, will leave you dizzy with disbelief at how she manages it all, very inspiring. She's engaging, thrilling and my gosh her home is superb. Her husband David Flintwood is greatly intriguing and talented too. We often carry her book in store, its a best seller no never lasts long.

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