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Honed in

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Typically when sourcing for the store, the first and foremost train of thought is "Do I love it?" and if it passes that question, then yes, it's in, on the list and not so long after it's gracing the joinery of our store. This is also the advice we like to give to our clients, whether we are designing their home or consulting in store - if you love it? Buy it!

Instore green found its way into our current collection, in a myriad of textures, tones and materials.

An image below from Mark D. Sikes blog speaks volumes for the colour green and we hope that our current edit in store does the same for you.

Some decorative objects below in store, the perfect joinery filler, table decor or coffee table object. See more on instagram here or shop online here. In addition we have new cushions and textiles for custom soft furnishings for the new season.

In addition, green in indoor plants, ferns in particular are our favourite!

Our brown leather is the ultimate vehicle for green soft furnishings and accessories.

This room below from Pinterest shows the power of earthy green tones and textures in neutral pallet. Linen, sisal, velvet, bronze and white porcelain, superb! An easy weekend project that can be accomplished with a few Portobello Home pieces and a dash to the nursery.

We hope this inspires you to bring out the green you've had away or update a couple of cushions on your sofa. We plan on having a pizza and a glass of wine at our local, who know the beauty of green too!

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