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Pulled together, story two.


Second up in our bedroom series of how to's and where to's, We are presenting a simple scheme featuring indigo hues and tactile objects for bed side decoration. Our range of quilts come in a number of colours, How ever the ever evolving unique print selection in the indigos are very inspiring. Hand made and hand died in India, these quilts make a magnificent bedding solution for warmer months when a donna is just too much. A single layer of cotton plus a single lightweight layer of lining, these quilts throw on beautifully and can fit a varied size of beds. Each quilt is unique to the other with an extensive range of prints, motifs and intensity of colour. The beauty in the hand crafted prints is there organic shapes and movement, which create the perfect opportunity to mix up the prints in your bedding. Sea shells, Brass and ceramics on our tactile bed side table are the perfect eclectic accompaniments. Below are some of the current quilts available, shop the list by clicking! Don't forget that items are also available in store with many more soft furnishings available so please don't hesitate to call or email us with any questions you may have.

Quilts L-R:

Indigo quilt #1

Indigo quilt #2

Julip cup

Happy Pot

Bedside table

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