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Seagrass sisal.

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Our hands down family friendly favourite floor covering to specify, stock and even have in our own homes is the sea grass herringbone sisal. While tailored in appearance and heavy duty in application, Sea grass sisal is also an incredibly family friendly flooring choice. All natural plant fibres, Sea grass is allergen free, all natural and the most hard wearing of all sisal products. The waxy nature of the sea grass allows it to resist liquids that would otherwise stain,  making it far superior to clean and fuss free. Heavy duty enough for commercial application, sea grass is easier to clean, healthier, longer wearing and also a very affordable price point. Catherine has had it installed in her home over the last 6 years, pre and post renovation. Four children, two dogs and a home that teams with life they have tested this floor covering to its core. Fluro nail polish, wine, doggy mess and all sorts have come and gone with no scars left to tell the story. I have a seagrass rug in my apartment under my dining table, it copes perfectly with my dining chairs being dragged back and fourth and protects the timber flooring too. The sea grass comes in a herringbone or basket weave.

The seagrass isn't the only option, There are currently a number of beautiful sisals including a new range of Belgian sisal and wool blends.Sisal can be used in several applications. Wall to wall, stair cases, rugs and hall runners. Our rugs all mostly come rubber backed, So if a timber floor needs protection or a entry hall needs a non slip solution, a sisal rug is the answer.  Layered up with a feature rug for added softness or pattern, or simply on their own with a striking binding colour. Long halls and areas of high traffic are perfectly fitted for sisal. Wall to wall sisal is an installation we are very experienced in at Portobello Home. Our installers have 20 years experience and install sisal in a number of different scenarios. Residential aside, Sisal is also a brilliant commercial flooring application and is a popular choice for functions and event spaces. To see the full range visit our Richmond showroom where we also have lost of rug examples to see.

A small selection of just a few of the sisal styles available. Not to mention a huge range of beautiful binding options. Make sure you come and view in person, as samples may appear different in images and on different devices.

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