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Thank you and welcome to the new way we can continue to share our unique offerings with you.

We wish to thank everybody that has come through the doors of 55 Swan St Richmond, to visit us at Portobello Home over the last 9 years.

We have closed our doors for the final time, while not an easy decision we hope to remain connected and find new ways to bring beautiful unique pieces to your homes.

Small boutique, brick and mortar business, is bit like a fire. You need to keep putting logs on to keep that strong burn that keeps you warm. A small business needs continual momentum and the energy of beautiful pieces coming in and out of its doors to remain bold, beautiful and full of life. After a year I’m sure we would all rather forget, our little business simply can not be in ‘on/off’ mode. Swan St dynamic has also changed and construction was not at all helpful in already challenging times.

With new beginnings on our website we are excited to bring you a wider collection of online choices. Bespoke soft furnishings including cushions, lamp shades, bedheads, Unique one off curios, objects and furniture.

So please keep an eye on our instagram, our blog and website. We will be pouring more love to serving you in this digital space and hope we can all remain in touch this way.

Thank you again and again for your support. The joy our customers bring is what keeps the Portobello Home wheels turning and we truly hope this new digital space can continue to help you create beautiful homes too.

Please remember to share all of your favourite portobello pieces on instagram and be sure to tag us, We just love to experience your beautiful homes.

With thanks,

Catherine, Bronwyn and the team

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