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The season of decorating has sprung.

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

Spring is fast approaching, All the pops of precious pink, Raspberry red and dandy yellow are coming out of their winter slumber all over Melbourne at the moment. The crisp early morning light is returning and is now bathing our homes. Spring cleans and decorating is high on the agenda for the change of season. A fun example for a refresh, Our brass julip cups grouped together with sprigs of florals or herbs to generously decorate the dining table for incoming dinner guests. Equally perfect for bathrooms or bedsides.

Seasonal additions of brass to highlight the florals and produce of the warmer months, Like our bamboo bowl filled with seasonal pears. Brass buttoning in our William wingback, Highlighted by the warm glow of our brass tulip cups.

 Sea side textures, colours and motifs harmoniously blend with the masculinity of the chesterfield sofa. A few classics mellowed with earthy tan and brass tones, Tactile coral and reclaimed timber.

But our brass selection doesn't end here, we have a collection of table lamps, Jewel boxes, objects of interest and the other pieces perfect for an heirloom gift for family and friends.

Visit or call our stores for more information, or some pieces are stoppable on our online store here.

 You can always find us on Instagram too for new collections and inspiration.

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