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When in Healesville

Even though Im usually contained to the walls of our gorgeous Healesville store, I do make sure to have a quick coffee or lunch and wander around the local village. Being right amongst the superb Yarra Valley, There is no shortage of things to do, eat, see and drink! With the long weekend approaching, I can imagine a drive through rolling hills, Vineyards and crisp country air would be a superb way to take advantage of that bonus 24 hours to our disposal.Below are a few of our favourites, Enough to fill the day or as the stop over to your next destination. The Yarra Valley is a mired of delicious beauty so by all means, Fill your car with fuel, get a take away coffee and hit the road early.  Heres a few of our favourites, But I find jumping on Instagram of a few locals or touching the #yarravalley hashtag is a great way to see some personal insight from others who are in the moment of enjoying what the valley has to offer.

Above, Our store. You can't miss it, on the right hand side of Maroundah Hwy as you enter Healesville. We are open 10am - 4pm and Sunday 11am- 4pm. Monday 11am - 3pm. Im working all weekend so come and keep me company. Below is a little scene of whats currently in store, So many gorgeous pieces for a possible Monday decoration day at home? Follow our Instagram here too for updates.

 Below is the dining room of the Healesville Hotel, Their dining room is all the right things. Cosy, social and exactly the vibe you want when going country for the day. Bonus is theres a courtyard for sunny days and fireplaces for winter divineness. Follow their Instagram here for more photos like below.

Since the weather is looking absolutely superb, Fill a basket (they even sell them) with a selection of local and outstanding produce from the Kitchen & Butcher fabulous food and wine. We sell a selection of gorgeous table cloths and cheese knives too! This is my lunch on those days when the temptation on my lunch break is too much to bear. Honestly, a truly sensational selection, find them here. 

 Wine is what the Yarra Valley is famous for, For very good reason. Not in Healesville but in the valley surrounding you'll find our favourite vineyard, Debortoli wines. Make sure to read about this family owned and operated winery that have been doing outstanding things for generations! Make a booking if you can to their restaurant and you absolutely won't regret it, below is the proof in the pasta. Book here for Locale restaurant if your lucky enough to get in fast. They have a cheese shop and a cellar door too, SO many options to suit different time schedules.

 Wine dogs at the vineyard. Too gorgeous not to share.

 Breakfast from the new menu at Harvest cafe, This is my go to for coffee, Breakfast and cakes when Im in Healesville. Look at whats on offer on their their instagram here.

The Debortoli vineyard is truly beautiful.

 Cakes at Harvest cafe. Presentation is everything, Right?

 Local produce. The reason to head to the valley.

 While we kept it short and sweet, These are just a couple of suggestions. Sometimes keeping it simple and leave some of the day unplanned can leave open the opportunity to go with the flow and linger, or perhaps those accidental discoveries that become the best memories or future favourite destinations. But if you are looking for more ideas read Leanne Debortolis guide to the region here.

If you visit our store this weekend, You'll see a little bit of below and much more. 

*all photos from our own or the businesses mentioned instagram.

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